What's going on here?

What's going on here?
Well Amanda and Emily both have goals to write more. Amanda wants to write a poem and a half a day for the next year, while Emily wants to write for National Write a Novel Month (NaNoWriMo), which is usually in November, but she is going to do it from now until her mission on May 18th. Here is were you can follow us in our goals! Leave comments, encouragement, and what ever else you feel like.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Language Barriers

I’m trying to figure out the words to express what I eel
But I don’t even know how to say the words
I don’t know how to explain.
Explain the way I had all these expectations
All these dreams of the way it would be
And you don’t know that.
I can’t lay my brains on the table
So you can see the map I made of you and me.
And I can’t be mad about that.
Mad about dreams I dreamed with bright colors and sharp lines
But I can’t lie and say I’m happy.
Can’t just grin and bear the way
All my wild construction fell apart
Like so many pieces of paper and weak glue.
So many scattered pieces of the puzzle I put together.
But how do I tell you that?
How do I tell you these few short days
Not only ruined my week
But also a possible future
A possible future that would’ve mad us both so happy.
But I understand.
It’s not your fault.
But I can’t help mourn
for What might've been

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