What's going on here?

What's going on here?
Well Amanda and Emily both have goals to write more. Amanda wants to write a poem and a half a day for the next year, while Emily wants to write for National Write a Novel Month (NaNoWriMo), which is usually in November, but she is going to do it from now until her mission on May 18th. Here is were you can follow us in our goals! Leave comments, encouragement, and what ever else you feel like.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Golden Moments

They lied you know.
When you were little and they told you what life would be like.
They lied.
The sold you a lemon.
Something everybodys buying so you might as well have one.
They lied.
They told you that you’d be happy.
That you’d have a great job, a family, a dog.
They told you you’d have those moments.
Those golden moments of perfection.
And that if you lived your life right
Every moment could be that way.
But they lied.
You don’t love the people you work with.
You are not best friends with your boss.
You can try your absolute best and finish dead last.
You can put every ounce of yourself to work
And still never have one of those golden moments.
When you were growing up you bought it
Had a 3 year return warranty
But that was a decade back and now you’re stuck with it.
And you don’t have everyone you love
And you don’t smile.
And you never get enough sleep at night
And we never found the rainbow connection.
No, it’s not like they told you.
They lied.
And some days that lie is going to make you cringe
And you’re going to hate everyone who ever spread it on
Like playing telephone with the whole world
And you were at the end
And they told you things were going to be great.
But things aren’t great.
Things are far from great.
Things are grimy and dirty
And broken and used
And everyone is pushed under this pressure of the social pressure cooker of society
And we’re all screaming at the lid
Screaming that this isn’t what they told us.
This isn’t what we were sold
No we want our money back!

But some days
Some days aren’t so bad.
Someday you see a friend you haven’t seen for awhile.
Some days you drive in the rain.
Some days you hear your favorite song
Some days you’ve got someone who holds you
And those days are nice.
Those days make you a little glad you bought this life.
A little less pessimistic
A little less socially disturbed with the way things turned out
And you hold those days.
You wrap them round your toes and up your legs
Hide them under pants and skirts
And someday when you’ve had enough
You’ll wrap them around your ribs
And they will look like the sweaters your grandparents wear.
And someday
Someday all the bad will fall away.
Someday you’ll have had enough of the alright times
To forget all of the garbage you walked through to get there.
You’ll ignore all the pain and suffering you had
And had to witness
Just so you could have those moments.
Those moments where you weren’t infinite
But you weren’t finite.
The moments that you felt you were human.
And you’ll wrap them round you into a gold cocoon
And you’ll call them your golden moments.
The golden moments.
And your grandchildren will clamber around you
And ask for the story of your life
And you will tell them only the golden things.
Only the things that will make them smile
Because growing up and learning that it isn’t all that great
Is part of being human.
And they will have to do that too.

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