What's going on here?

What's going on here?
Well Amanda and Emily both have goals to write more. Amanda wants to write a poem and a half a day for the next year, while Emily wants to write for National Write a Novel Month (NaNoWriMo), which is usually in November, but she is going to do it from now until her mission on May 18th. Here is were you can follow us in our goals! Leave comments, encouragement, and what ever else you feel like.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I didn't know you

It’s funny to look back and think a year ago I didn't know you.

I didn't know any of you.

I was living a life I was completely unhappy with and hating the town I lived in

and thinking it was completely normal.

But then shit hit the fan

And i was sent spiraling across the universe.

And as I reeled from something I would never have wished for

I met you.

One by one you all walked in grabbed my hand and steadied me.

And slowly the spinning stopped

and as a mass of life we floated through a sky of pinks and yellows and oranges.

Until I finally felt my feet touch ground again.

You taught me how to live my life.

How all I need is love.

How a moment can change the world.

How little moments build the life you want.

How loving each other is all that is necessary to be happy.

And so it’s weird to think back to a time I didn't know that.

A time where I thought things were normal and fine

But now I realize were actually horrible and crippling.

It’s funny to look back and think a year ago I didn't know you.

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